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Автор:  Info21 [ Пятница, 23 Май, 2008 08:47 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  IDE(E)-сторона Оберонов

IDE 2.0: Lessons from History
http://www.ddj.com/linux-open-source/20 ... ed_DDJ_All

"... we found ourselves juggling a number of technologies to complete the simplest of projects. ..."

"... Despite these advances <раскраска и т.п.>, today's enterprise developers spend less than half of their day interacting with code.
The rest of the time is spent setting up and configuring their work environment, packaging projects, starting and stopping servers, and twiddling their frustrated thumbs while waiting to see how their application will behave -- all the while pulling their hair
trying to figure out which one of the many variables in their environment or technology stack is the source of the endless trial-and-error."

"... Today's developer needs
a fully stable, packaged, out-of-the-box solution
that allows them to code, test, debug, manage, and play with technology
in a single environment
with cross-layer management ability, speed, accuracy, and confidence. ..."

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